About Us

Everbelle was created by Julie and Tasha, two friends that reside in Los Angeles, California. One night, while on vacation, Julie and Tasha were having a conversation about how much they both loved coconut oil and all the amazing benefits it provides. Julie being a product junkie, and Tasha being a creative guru, brought the idea of Everbelle to life.

Seeking to combine the luxurious and organic attitude of California, Julie and Tasha created a 100% natural body balm to use anywhere and everywhere! Seriously. Everbelle was created for people on the go who love multi-use products. A dollop will moisturize your entire body. A dab will create shiny hair. Just a bit will smooth your lips, rejuvenate tired feet, or smooth those over worked hands and cuticles!

The best part about Everbelle is that it's made of completely pure, all-natural ingredients. It’s all of the good stuff and none of the bad!  

Everbelle gets its name from Tasha’s daughter Everleigh and Julie's daughter Anabelle. As fate would have it, Everbelle also means “forever beautiful”.