Hi Beautiful, 

Everbelle was created by us, two California moms, on a mission to achieve a cleaner and simpler lifestyle! As self-admitted product junkies we not only *know* about the amazing benefits of coconut oil, but we've experienced it in our own lives. We were shocked to find that we live in a state where organic, non-chemical products reign, yet there weren't any high-end, easy-to-use coconut oil products on the market that met our health-conscious and wholesome standards! We put our heads together to try and come up with a product that filled those crucial gaps and Everbelle... was born.

Everbelle is a 100% natural, all-purpose balm that you can use from head to toe! It's filled with pure, organic ingredients PLUS essential oil aromatherapy which is unlike anything you'll find on the market. It's ideal for people who are on-the-go and who live a "no-fuss" lifestyle. Just a dollop of this multi-use product can smooth fly-aways and give you shiny hair, soothe lips, rejuvenate tired feet, nourish rough hands and cuticles, even combat fine lines and wrinkles! You can use it anywhere and everywhere, so the possibilities are endless. (it's a muli-tasker)

Our name, Everbelle, is actually a combination of Tasha’s daughter Everleigh and Julie’s daughter, Anabelle, which coincidentally, means “forever beautiful.” We thought that was pretty perfect!

We hope Everbelle makes YOU feel beautiful. Our research and experience have led us to create a product that's unlike anything on the market. We are proud of it, love it, and we know you will too!

All you need is Everbelle!

xoxo-Tasha & Julie