All coconut oils are not created equal.

We only use Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for all our products, the purest form of coconut oil available.
As far as we’re concerned, virgin, raw or unrefined is the ONLY option for your body.
Why unrefined? Naturally, it’s the best!


Made from fresh coconut meat

Minimally processed

NO harsh chemicals solvents or high heat extraction

Higher levels of anti-oxidants and vitamin E


The purest form of coconut oil



Made exclusively from dried, old coconut meat

Meat is often bleached and/or deodorized

Dried, old coconut meat has to be treated because the drying process produces contaminants in the meat.

Many producers also use harsh chemicals to extract as much oil as possible from the dried, old coconut meat.

Fewer anti-oxidants and vitamin E.